80.00 USD


Show your support for our community by contributing to the ongoing improvement and maintanence of our services
(Processing fees are subject to your payment processor)

You will recieve:

  • Our eternal appreciation.
  • A permanent in the hall of fame.
  • A special benefactor rank which grants amazing benefits on all of our existing and future servers.
  • A super special rank on our discord, distinguished from other paid ranks!
  • We will ship you a custom 38*33mm "Craft Down Under" Acrylic pin & personalized thank you to commemorate your contributions to the community.

We will require additional information from you after checkout to arrange delivery of the pin, shipping costs will be covered entirely by us except in cases where it would be unreasonably expensive (beyond the cost of the package) to do so. 

Benefits Include:

Type A Servers: 

Engineer's Life 2, Better MC +, Medieval MC , Direwolf20,  DDSS ,  Plexiglass Mountain,  Techopolis ,CDU Custom , ATM7, ATM7 Sky, FTB Inferno, Fantasy Realm, Stoneblock 3, Enigmatica 6: Expert, ATM8, WODANA, Sky Farm

Type B Servers: 

Better Minecraft Fabric, RAD 2, Vault Hunters

Type C Servers: 

 (Same as Type A but halved chunk loading limit)

Divine Journey 2, TNP Limitless 5


In-Game title
Extra home limit 
More Claim chunks

Force Loadable24

/setwarp, /enderchest, /trashcan, /nick
/setwarp, /enderchest, /trashcan, /nick
Extra claim blocks (FLAN / Grief Prevention)

250000 blocks

(NOTE: The rank will only be applied to servers which you have played on at least once, speak to a helper if you have already purchased this and need help getting the rank on a server you have not played on before.)