We offer a friendly and welcoming environment for players of all skill levels to come together and enjoy the unique experiences that modded Minecraft provides. 

Thanks for considering supporting us! All proceeds go towards maintaining, upgrading and expanding the services we offer as well as developing custom mods & software to provide the smoothest modded experience possible. To get started; Select a category from the side of this site.


When will I recieve my rank?

After purchase, you will automatically recieve your rank within 1-5 minutes. If you are already connected to one of our servers you will need to reconnect for the rank to be applied.

What is the difference between 'Server specific' and 'Community wide' ranks?

Server specific ranks provide a wider range of benefits (more chunks, homes, etc..) as compared to their community wide counterparts but they only apply to the server they are purchased for.

Can I get a discount on a higher tier rank if I have already purchased a rank below it?

Yes! If you have already purchased a 'Community wide' rank and wish to upgrade to a higher tier of rank in that category the discount will be automatically applied during checkout so long as you are purchasing it for the same minecraft account. To upgrade 'Server specific' ranks some restrictions apply and decisions are made manually on a case-by-case basis, you can open a ticket to discuss on our discord server.

I didn't recieve my rank automatically! what do I do?

If you didnt recieve your rank automatically after purchase and you have already waited 5 minutes + rejoined the server then open up a Rank/Purchase ticket on our discord and we will be able to apply the rank for you ASAP. If you do not use discord; feel free to send us an email @ admin@craftdownunder.co